The vision

We are broad based movement for progress and justice. The New Democrats is the political arm of none-other than Kenyan professionals and the Kenya people as a whole. Our values are the same: the equal worth of all, with no one cast aside; fairness and justice within strong communities, and economy. But we have liberated these values from outdated dogma or doctrine, and we have applied these values to the modern world. We want a country in which people get on, do well, and make successful entrepreneurs, not fewer of them. But these life chances should be for all the people. And we want a society in which ambition and compassion are seen as partners not opposites-where we have public service as well as material wealth.

New Democrats believes in a society where we do not simply pursue our own individual aims, but where we hold many aims in common and work together to achieve them. How we build the industry and employment opportunities of the future; how we tackle the division and inequality in our society: how we care for and enhance our environment and quality of life; how we develop modern education, technology and health services; how we create communities that are safe, where mutual respect and tolerance are the order of the day, and how we keep empowering the youth and women on a sustainable basis. These are things we must achieve together as a country .The vision is one of national renewal, a country with drive, purpose and energy. A Kenya equipped to prosper in a global economy of technological change; with a modern welfare state; its political more accountable; and confident of its place in the world.

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