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Realigning incentives for food system

Date for CampaignNovember 25, 2015 - November 28, 2015Campaign TargetsAudience: 25000, Donation: KES 2000 Support us Open

Food systems are currently not fit for purpose. They do not meet the food and nutrition security needs of a growing national population and create significant environmental and health costs. As such, a comprehensive transformation is required in the way our food is produced – including the practices of more than 50 smallholder farmers – and the consumption patterns of over 1 million people in Isiolo.

To enable such a transformation while meeting the overall national goals, TND initiates a 1 year transitions in agricultural practices in Isiolo which are required: to healthier and nutritious diets; to sustainable agricultural practices that protect and restore nature; to more inclusive livelihoods; and to greater efficiency in the production, distribution and consumption of food in Isiolo

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KES 2000

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