New politics

The reason for having created the New Democrats is to meet the challenges of a different world. The millennium symbolizes a new era opening up for Kenya. We are confident about our future prosperity, even optimistic, if we have the courage to change and use it to build a better Kenya. To accomplish this means more than just a change of political platforms. Our aim is on a new course for the future.

People are cynical about politics and distrustful of political promises. That is hardly surprising,

Economic policy, industry, power, telecommunication, health, crime, education, sleaze-the broken promises are strewn across the country’s memory. The broken promises of the past few years have tainted all politics. That is why we have made it our guiding rule not to promise what we cannot deliver; and to deliver what we promise. What follows is not the politics of 100 days that dazzles for a time, and then fizzles out. It is not the politics of a revolution, but of a fresh start, the patient rebuilding and renewing of this country; renewal that can take root and build over time. Building a political party from the ground up over time. That is one way in which

politics in Kenya will gain new lease of life. But there is another. We aim at putting behind us the bitter political struggles of tribe and religion that have torn our country apart for too many decades. Many of these conflicts have no relevance whatsoever to the modern world. It is time for this country to move on and move forward. We are proud of our history, proud of what we have achieved-but we must learn from our history, not be chained to it.

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