New Centre-left politics.

In each area of policy a new and distinctive approach has been mapped out, one that differs from the old ways. This is why The New Democrats is new. Government and industry must work together to achieve key objectives aimed at enhancing the dynamism of the market, not undermining it. In our Mombasa Declaration and research termed Untapped Potentials we have identified the following problems with the Kenyan nation for which we proffer solutions. An economy sapped by corruption resulting in too much economic stagnation and instability, too little investment in education and skills, and in the application of new technologies, too few opportunities to find jobs, start new businesses or become self-employed, too narrow an industrial base and too little sense of common purpose in the work place or across the nation, and finally too much crime.
Our bond of trust with Kenyans, our contract with the people is this: tough on crime, achieve 8-10%GDP growth, set tough inflation targets, invest in education and agriculture, create jobs and investment opportunities, form a new and efficient National Health Service, and significantly invest in technology and skills training. TOGETHER KENYA WILL AND MUST DO BETTER

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