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MISCELLANEOUS ACT as per ARTICLE 4(5) and 14(4)

These shall be set up under the miscellaneous act of the party’s constitution and shall be bound to change from time as per the national executive council’s decision.


These rules and procedure are made pursuant to articles 4(5) of the party constitution.

The National Elections Board.

  1. The National elections boards as provided for in article 4.5 of the party constitution to work under the national executive council.
  2. The national executive council shall either by itself or through a committee constituted by it,  request each of the 47counties to submit its names of one (1) person who should be of either gender for consideration for nomination to serve as a member of the national elections board. Such members must be serving members of the county election board for purposes of continuity.
  3. Upon the receipt of the names from the county branches, the National executive council or its committee shall prepare a list of all the names submitted to it and call a special N.E.C meeting review and select seven members from the list of candidates presented to serve as a members of national elections board in order of priority ensuring that one third of the seven (7) shall be of either gender.
  4. The national executive council shall short-list the candidates according to the ranking as is made from branches and it shall also ensure gender balance.
  5. In the final list all of the successful candidates must come from different branches.
  6. The Deputy party Leader shall be the Chairman of the national election board as a representative for the National Executive Council.
  7. The national executive council shall also elect the Director of National Election Board from the seven (7) successful candidates.
  8. The national elections board in the exercise of it powers under article 4.5.7 of the party constitution will establish county election boards in every county in order to assist carry out its functions as stipulated therein.