Visionary, progressive& prosperous


‘Our case is simple that Kenya can and must be better’

‘The vision is one of national renewal, a country with drive, purpose and energy’

‘In each area of policy a new and distinctive approach has been mapped out, one that differs from the current thinking of older political parties. This is why New Democrats is New’

‘New Democrats is a party of ideas and ideals but not of outdated ideology. What counts is what works. The objectives are radical. The means will be modern.’

‘This is our contract with the people’

We believe in Kenya. It is a great country with a great history. The Kenyan people are great people. But we believe Kenya can and must be better :better schools, better hospitals, better ways of tackling crime, of building a modern welfare state, of equipping ourselves for a new world economy.

We want a Kenya that is one nation, with shared values and purpose, where merit comes before privilege; run for the many not the few, strong and sure of it at home and abroad. We want a Kenya that does not shuffle further into the new millennium afraid of the future, but strides into it with confidence. We want to renew our country’s faith in the ability of its government and politics to deliver this new Kenya. We want to do it by making a limited set of important promises and achieving them. This is the purpose of the bond of trust we set out at the end of this introduction, in which specific commitments are put before you, hold us to them. They are our covenant with you.

We want to renew faith in politics by being honest about the past. Some things the current parties got right. We will not change them. It is where they got things wrong that we will make the change. We have no intention or desire to replace one set of dogmas by another. We want to renew faith in politics through a government that will govern in the interest of the many, the broad majority of people who work hard, play by the rules ,pay their dues and feel let down by a political system that gives the breaks to the few, increasingly out of touch with the rest of us. And we want, above all, to govern in a way that brings our country together, that unites our nation in tough and dangerous challenges of the new economy and changed society in which we must live. We want a Kenya which we all feel part of; in which we all have a stake.