Apr 19 2014

South Africa suffers from world-beating unemployment, high crime and a poor education system that remains skewed along racial lines, some of which can be attributed to the legacy of apartheid. And while it scores relatively well on democracy, its poor per.. Read More

Dec 19 2014

A crisis of trust (and related concerns about their credibility and reliability) is haunting the media that was once considered the most trusted institutions in Kenya. Although not insurmountable, such a crisis points to growing concerns about the place o.. Read More

May 14 2015

The opposition’s defeat at the 2017 general election was a surprise. Shorten’s opposition fell short, against both wider commentariat predictions and unrepresentative polls. Yet, if we take a step back, the result is less surprising if we locate oppos.. Read More

Jun 10 2015

The Republic of Uganda, the Republic of  Kenya and the United Republic of Tanzania have enjoyed close historical, commercial, industrial, cultural and other ties for many years. Formal economic and social integration in the East African region commen.. Read More

Jul 25 2015

Registrar of Political Parties Lucy Ndungu (left) presents full registration certificate to The New Democrats party (TND) secretary General. Looking on are the party members at Anniversary Towers, Nairobi. The officials said the party leader will unveil t.. Read More

Aug 19 2015

We have learned over the years that the front line country leader is the key leverage point for making any improvement effort work, or for making sure that the country’s plans are executed as they are designed in general. Unfortunately, we have also wit.. Read More