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Over the past 25 years, diasporas have increasingly become significant players in the international political arena.
Many countries, such as Israel and Armenia, regard their diasporas as strategically vital political assets, while others, such as India, the Philippines, and other migrant-sending countries, have been recognizing the massive contributions their diasporas make through remittances for example.
There are many reasons why, over the past few decades, such diasporas have become more prominent on the world stage. New communication and  technologies innovations have improved abilities to mobilize. In addition to revitalised  multiculturalism policies in receiving countries, not to mention recognition of ethnic pride and assertiveness.
Also important is recognition of the growth of economic resources diasporas bring to the host countries and to their country of origin, in addition to profound changes in the world political system today.
In a range of policy areas in Kenya politics  today such as foreign affairs, economic development, and international migration,  the place of diasporas is increasingly important and needs to be considered.
TND is aware that diasporas take concerns for homeland development very seriously, have contributed abundantly to the gross domestic income of Kenya  through remittances over the years, have access to resources and opportunities, in addition to putting into perspective the flow from consciousness, the emotional attachment that diaspora uphold in reference to a sense of belonging, yet they are not included in any government decision making processes in Kenya.
TND is aware that Diasporas have a consciouse and  emotional attachment to their country of origin. This  cultural attributes and desires to be part of development plans of their country is a notion that cannot be taken away from diaspora communities, but an important sentiment that needs to be nurtured and   enhanced. A diaspora platform is created at the party level to ensure diaspora inclusion  policy is in place.
The New Democratic Party (TND) Team have made history,  they have taken a bold initiative and an extra ordinary  ground breaking pioneering  step to bridge this inclusion gap. At TND, a diaspora inclusive  Chapter is fully endorsed as an integral important inclusion and integration policy, that seeks to encourage active political participation and  engagement  to Kenya’s politics among diaspora communities globally. This moves offers diasporas opportunities for political growth and a window to excercise their democratic rights fully as Kenyans wherever they are in the world.
In addition, The New Democratic Party not only did try appoint a diaspora Team Leader to be the world  focal point,  they also extended their  nomination procedures that offers the Diaspora  leader a chance to become the first  Diaspora Member of Parliament of Kenya in 2022.
This will enhance diaspora voice to be  amplified across the the world through TND, and it  gives diaspora communities globally an inclusive political representation in Kenya parliament. In return, diaspora communities becomes fully included and integrated in all TND policies and development plans systematically. 
It should be known that at TND we are not defined by political parties, but are committed to serve and work with every  Kenyan, or any political party that is commited to build the country legitimately. It doesn’t matter who is your choice of president, you are warmly and cordially invited to join TND Membership.  Welcome.
Our profound commitments are to serve kenyan citizens wherever you are, to empower the marginalised through systematic structural changes and good governance, and ensure all Kenyans are well represented across the globe equally,  bridging the gap between the rich and the poor from bottom up.

The TND Global Diaspora Team Leader & Organising  Secretary can be contacted on this email address. or

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