East Africa and the Kenyan Caucus.

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The East African Legislative Assembly is seeking autonomy from the Secretariat in an effort to deal with delays in procurement and to control its budget.Last month, a committee was set up by the EAC Council of Ministers to look at the dynamics in the Secretariat and EALA that would ease their work.It is expected to hand its report to the Council by February 2019. Julius Maganda, Uganda minister of state for East African affairs and the chair of the council of ministers, told The EastAfrican in Bujumbura that autonomy would ensure that neither of the institutions undermined the other.

The committee is composed of three technical experts: One from the office of the EALA clerk, one from the Secretary General’s office and an independent expert from outside the Secretariat.This came after a request from EALA to create autonomy citing a lot of delays mainly in procurement which are said to be hindering the regional assembly’s business.