Why Women’s Perspectives Matter.

Starting DateOctober 29, 2015 Ending DateNovember 30, 2015 TimingAll Day Hurlingham Road, Dagoreti Free

The New Democrats Party is helping to address gender inequality in leadership, which remains an impediment to Kenya’s development. In the private sector, Kenyan women comprise less than five per cent of CEOs and 14 per cent of board members. The disparity is also visible in the public sector where only 24 per cent of parliamentarians and 22 per cent of cabinet members are women. The dearth of female leaders is a serious challenge, despite female leaders favouring more equitable redistribution of resources and investing more in education, health and social welfare sectors.

Our women program amplifies the voices of young women from underrepresented communities in Kenya by teaching them on their human rights. Over the course of five years, students learn how to interpret the constitution to affect positive social-change in their communities and to champion women’s and girls’ rights, locally and globally, one call to action at a time.