Information about Leadership

Aug 19 2015
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We have learned over the years that the front line country leader is the key leverage point for making any improvement effort work, or for making sure that the country’s plans are executed as they are designed in general. Unfortunately, we have also witnessed on too many occasions how most countries tend to discount, if not completely ignore, the effectiveness of these people. Rarely do they participate in planning efforts, development activities, or good leadership feedback processes. We fail to include those who really make the most difference, good or bad!

How do we solve this problem? How do we make sure that all of our leaders, and especially those that lead institutions, are acting and performing in a manner that is consistent with what the country wants and where we want to go? The answers are simple, but they involve letting go of some belief systems that tend to be pretty deeply entrenched. Beliefs drive personal behavior on the leadership, and in turn, plan execution of matters pertaining to good governance.

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