Development and Prosperity

Kenya has a history of two successful political revolutions, the first one was political independence from the colonialists in 1963 and the second one started strongly in the 1990s, by a new crop of young leaders, religious leaders, civil society activists who formed alliances with older elites to push a way the long term dictatorship. .

Community Empowerment

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TND also recognizes that the nature and scope of the problems facing the world today calls for well-developed partnerships strategies between us, like minded governments .

African Socialism

The New Democrats (TND) aims at remolding the African society in the socialist direction; to reconsider African society in such a manner that the humanism of traditional African life re-asserts itself in a modern technical community..

Respect to Everyone's Religious Belief

THE NEW DEMOCRATS (TND) has a very strong stand on religion, religion is part of our people’s culture and therefore must be given the respect it deserves. Majority of the .


The second liberation opened up political power competition and established a mechanism for initially reviewing, then replacing, the Country constitution. We in the TND envision the third revolution focused on development and prosperity for all Kenyans equally, that will move this country from third world to first world economy. .